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Teeth whitening in Newport Beach

Newport Beach dentist

Newport Beach dentist

Does it seem that more and more people today have whiter and brighter smiles? Have you begun to wish that your teeth were also attractive in this way? No, it isn’t your imagination that more people have whiter smiles. In fact, teeth whitening is the most common dental procedure requested of cosmetic dentists today. If you want to have whiter brighter teeth, and a more attractive and inviting smile, come to see our Newport Beach dentist regarding teeth whitening.

At our top notch dental practice, our expert and highly trained Newport Beach dentist is Dr. J. Foster Weems. When people come into our practice, J Foster Weems DDS, and request that they have teeth whitening, we are very happy to let them know that there are two different teeth whitening procedures to choose from at our office. Our cosmetic dentist offers an in-office state-of-the-art teeth bleaching system which will make your teeth whiter and brighter in just one visit. Patients can also use our at-home teeth bleaching system which will allow our patients to get a whiter and brighter smile in simply a matter of days. Many times the type of tooth whitening treatment that is used is definitely due to the personal preferences of our patient. Other times, our dentist may recommend a specific way to go, depending upon the patient’s individual smile situation where the type of staining that is on their teeth.

Our cosmetic dentist will want to meet with you and assess your smile situation before any teeth whitening procedure is proceeded with. If you have tooth-colored composite fillings, or porcelain veneers, you may need to have additional procedures performed after tooth whitening to make sure that the look of your smile is uniform and inviting. This may be necessary because teeth whitening and bleaching solutions only affect the natural tooth enamel; they have no effect on porcelain or composite tooth products. Our dentist will also want to review your oral situation to determine if there is any reason why you may experience sensitivity from the tooth whitening product. It should also be determined what is causing the staining on your teeth, and make sure that tooth bleaching and whitening will improve it. For an appointment to meet with our Newport Beach dentist regarding tooth whitening, contact us today.

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