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Costa Mesa dentist

Do you need a cavity filled? Are you worried that your filling might be unsightly, clumsy, and not blend in with the rest of your tooth? Worry no longer; at the practice of J Foster Weems DDS, we understand the importance of discreetly solving the cavity problem for children and adults; we’re you’re go-to Costa Mesa dentist, and don’t you forget it!

At the practice of Dr. J Foster Weems DDS, our staff is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals and specialists who share one common goal: to help our fellow members of the Costa Mesa community achieve and maintain optimal oral health. That’s why we make sure to keep state of the art technology and new training sessions in cutting edge techniques the norm in our practice; we understand that offering top tier dental care in an environment that’s welcoming and comfortable for patients of all ages is paramount to a practice’s success and longevity! That’s why we’re so proud to be our community’s Costa Mesa dentist; we understand that metal free fillings are becoming dated and that many of our patients prefer superior, metal-free or amalgam-free fillings, also called composites or white fillings. These fillings offer a much more natural look; their plastic resin and glass-like particle filler create a solution which is designed to blend in naturally with tooth enamel and color. They’re also more effective and safe than traditional metal or amalgam fillings, which contract and expand fairly often, potentially causing cracks in tooth structure. More revolutionary fillings can avoid these issues. We even use a filling method that enables the easy flow of composite into the cavity for smooth and discreet placement.

If you’re worried that you may be settling for less than the best in terms of your oral care, book yourself an appointment with your local Costa Mesa dentist, Dr. J Foster Weems DDS!

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