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When it comes to taking care of your dental health, it is important that you remember to take equal care of your teeth as well as your gums. The health of your gums is intrinsically related to the health of your teeth, so if you want to take care of one or the other it is imperative that you do both. This means that you remember to gently brush along your gumline whenever you were brushing her teeth and that you are gentle whenever you floss as well. It is also important that you get the proper gum care required in order to prevent gum disease as well as treated in the event that it should occur. Here at the offices of J Foster Weems DDS you can benefit from a variety of different kinds of gum care, including gum therapy in Newport Beach.

Gum disease is incredibly dangerous, especially since it can lead to significant gum recession, tissue loss, tooth loss and even bone loss as well. Gum disease often goes overlooked because cavities were other dental problems are more prominent and are more likely to happen for most people, but gum disease is still a very prevalent problem that you should be aware of and readily looking out for. Early stages of gum disease is otherwise known by the more popular term: gingivitis. Gingivitis is characterized by swollen, tender, read, and sometimes even bleeding gums. Even though gingivitis is fairly mild, it can still be incredibly painful and uncomfortable, and it can easily spread and worsen if you do not get the treatment that you need as soon as possible. Treating gingivitis generally requires a comprehensive dental cleaning or more intensive therapy. For more severe forms of periodontal disease, you might even need surgery, antibiotics, or several types of specialized periodontal cleanings. Here with the help of our resident dentist, J Foster Weems DDS, you can get whatever dumb care that you need, whether you need periodontal cleaning’s or gum therapy in Newport Beach. The most important thing is that you see your dentist regularly and that you get treatment as soon as possible in the event that you do develop a dental problem.

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